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August 2017  COMPLETION Update Love Your Lake Program


April Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations

4 Harold Dalton 22 Terry Lambshead
5 Ric Mackey 26 Dorris MacLellan
6 Nick Cadigan, Jenna Cadigan 26 Keith Leckie
6 Nicholas Callan 28 Hilda Herdman
7 Sarah Lakatos 30 Rick Asling
11 Dalton Smith
14 Barbara Hawkins, Jade Marie Peeters
19 Louise Jackson
19 Cynthia Longo ANNIVERSARIES
15 Julia & Aidan Sawyers
20 Terry Higgins 24 Mary & Lance Coulthard
22 Katie Herdman

If you  would like to have someone included in our monthly ‘best wishes’ , please contact Kathy Warren…657-8912 or fax 705-657-1192 or email

Love Your Lake (LYL) Program Update – Report Mailing

In the summer 2017, the Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc., (CCRAI) in partnership with your lake/cottage association organized the Love Your Lake (LYL) Program.  This program surveyed the conditions of all the shorelines on 12 lakes and rivers in our area including Catchacoma, Mississagua, Gold, Beaver, McGinnis, Cavendish, Cold, Pencil, Galloway, Greens, Picard and the Mississagua River.  All shoreline property owners will be receiving their confidential report on their shoreline by mail in the month of March or April. The report will come from the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Watersheds Canada. It will contain a web link and a password to allow property owners to access their confidential report. There is a full report on last summer’s LYL activities on the CCRAI web page, which can be accessed through the Cavendish Community Centre website,

CCRAI Membership Payment ONLINE

The CCRAI can now take online payments via email/e-transfer to make renewing your yearly membership easier. Now you can email us your completed application form and your membership fee. For those who wish to make an additional voluntary donation to the CCRAI or to donate to the Love Your Lake Program, this can also be done via email/e-transfer.

If you prefer to mail in your membership fee along with a cheque, you can still do that or you can drop off your application form with payment in person at the Helen Bowen Library at the Cavendish Community Centre or attend one of our public meetings and do this at our membership desk.

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