July Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations

1 Bryan Black
1 Wayne Platt
26 Scott Stables
2 Naomi Bourke 26 Danny Dalton
3 Keaton Major 27 Liam Forgie
4 Alison O’Brien 27 Eric Aspinall
5 Nick Smith 28 James Gallacher, Graylynn Warren
6 Bobbi Robertson 29 Nan & Al Ross, Colton Lobb
6 Morgan Thompson 30 Christie Snook, Isaac Tamblyn
31 Steve Redpath
9 Jonathan Warren, Val Strain,Bea Rhodes 31 Eric Robertson
11 Ken Snook, Tristin Botting 31 Debbie Walsh
11 Beth Hollis (Mullen) 31 Fred Lloyd
14 Lina Violet Goddard, Steve Waldock ANNIVERSARIES
17 Cameron Hall 3 Michelle & Wayne Connell
18 Chuck McGee, Sophie Botting 7 Kimberly & Dave Asling
18 Kevin Lake, Gord Lambshead  9 Lorne & Eric Aspinal
12 Randy & Linda Marshall
22 Dave Asling 14 Sarah & Ford Stevenson, 16 Rebecca & Kevin Oreto
23 Kyle O’Brien 19 Brent & Mary Robinson
24 Michael Tamblyn 22 Phillip & Jan Herdman

If you  would like to have someone included in our monthly ‘best wishes’ , please contact Kathy Warren: phone 705-657-8912 or fax 705-657-1192  or email kathy507@yahoo.ca

Trent Lakes lifts local State of Emergency

Please read news release on the Municipality Web site.as of JULY 28th 2020.

Residents are asked to continue following all health precautions and Orders, including wearing a mask or face covering as prescribed by the Peterborough Health Unit, maintaining physical distancing, practicing vigilant hand hygiene and staying home if you’re ill.

Playground is OPEN

Everyone is urged to observe playground signage and obey all Federal and Provincial regulations and guidelines when using the playground to remain safe.

The playground is “use at your own risk” as it is not sanitized regularly. Parents are encouraged to wash their children’s hands and to use hand sanitizer after playing on the equipment, so be sure to pack any of those items to take with you.

If you have further concerns or questions regarding the playground, please email them to recreation@trentlakes.ca.

Mandatory Face Coverings

City of Kawartha Lakes in effect as of JULY 13, 2020Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Rridge District Health Unit

Peterborough City/County in effect as of AUGUST 1st, 2020Peterborough Public Health

Municipality of Trent Lakes public notice

Kawartha Now article
Peterborough Examiner article