July Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations

1 Bryan Black 25 Jean Mortensen
1 Wayne Platt
26 Scott Stables
2 Naomi Bourke 26 Danny Dalton
3 Keaton Major 27 Liam Forgie
4 Alison O’Brien 27 Eric Aspinall
5 Nick Smith 28 James Gallacher
6 Bobbi Robertson 29 Nan & Al Ross, Colton Lobb
6 Morgan Thompson 30 Christie Snook, Isaac Tamblyn
31 Steve Redpath
31 Les Evans
9 Jonathan Warren, Val Strain,Bea Rhodes 31 Eric Robertson
11 Ken Snook, Tristin Botting 31 Debbie Walsh
11 Beth Hollis (Mullen) 31 Fred Lloyd
14 Lina Violet Goddard, Steve Waldock ANNIVERSARIES
17 Cameron Hall 3 Michelle & Wayne Connell
18 Chuck McGee, Sophie Botting 7 Kimberly & Dave Asling
18 Kevin Lake, Gord Lambshead  9 Lorne & Eric Aspinall
20 Marilyn Weitzel
22 Dave Asling 14 Sarah & Ford Stevenson, 16 Rebecca & Kevin Oreto
23 Kyle O’Brien 19 Brent & Mary Robinson
24 Michael Tamblyn 22 Phillip & Jan Herdman

If you  would like to have someone included in our monthly ‘best wishes’ , please contact Kathy Warren: phone 705-657-8912 or fax 705-657-1192  or email kathy507@yahoo.ca


Cottage Succession

Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc. (CCRAI)
and Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA)
jointly present
“The Cottage Succession and Estate Planning Seminar –
Keeping the “Family” in the Family Cottage”
by Peter Lillico

Protecting the Family Cottage and Saving Taxes

 Saturday July 6, 2019 – 10am-12 noon
Cavendish Community Centre – County Road 507

June Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations

2 Nicholas Crowe, Linda Waldock 25 Mike Callan
3 Laurie Smith 26 Mary Coulthard
4 Gale Ferrier 27 Kyle Stables
5 Nicole Thompson
5 Erich Stephen 28 Nicole Rixen
6 Jane McLean & Laura Tamblyn Watts
10 Shane Forgie 30 Cherise Hill-Lake
11 Carla Salavador 6 Mary & Keith Leckie
12 Edward Aspinall 12 Barb & John Stables
13 Eireen Bourke & Zack O’Heron 13 Deborah & Frank Pageot
16 Sandy McKay 13 Carol & George Winner
17 Caden Hall – 18 Erin McClenaghan 22 Mel & Mary Sadler
20 Irma Windover
20 Tara Wilson 26 Corrie & Michel Callan
22 Al Asling
22 Carol Winner

If you  would like to have someone included in our monthly ‘best wishes’ , please contact Kathy Warren…657-8912 or fax 705-657-1192  or email kathy507@yahoo.ca

Register for a Turtle Walk


Turtles are the best cleaners of our lakes and water! Turtle populations are declining dramatically: Turtles live a long time, but, it takes about 60 years for one snapping turtle to replace itself. Road mortality, poaching and habitat loss are making things worse for turtles.

Turtle 2019 Walk

Hosted by The Land Between

Temporary Closure – Cavendish Rink

Temporary Closure of the Cavendish Rink

Due to health and safety concerns with the condition of the rink boards and concrete curbing, the Township will be temporarily closing the Cavendish Community Centre outdoor ice pad..
For the safety of the public, the rink will be temporarily closed while the Township investigates repair options. Any updates to the status of the rink will be posted on the Municipality’s website.
The rink will be fenced off in early January 2019. Any questions or concerns, please contact the Municipal Office: 705-738-3800