Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc. (CCRAI)

The Cavendish Community RatePayers Association Inc., (CCRAI) is a community based organization, dedicated to working with all associations, residents, businesses, local municipalities, and all levels of government both federal and provincial to find solutions to issues that are common among property owners in our area. Our goal is to preserve what is best in our beautiful lake areas now as well as carefully planning for the future and what it may hold. Paramount to this is protecting the personal and family investments that we all have in our properties and ensuring that they will be protected for generations to come.

We monitor all township council meetings as well as new announcements and information from many Provincial and Federal Ministries through our board members and through the associations that we are members of. We do this throughout the year so that we can ensure that our member’s interests are properly represented.

We provide regular meetings throughout the year at the Cavendish Community Centre on County Road 507. We bring in a variety of interesting speakers and presenters from township council, provincial and federal ministries, and a host of other organizations. They have provided updates and information on local township initiatives, boating safety, water levels and water management, Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park, waterfront tax reform, land tenure and land rights, and a host of other topics. These meetings are also a good forum for our elected officials to hear from our members and residents in the area about their concerns. Please plan to attend our meetings this year which are listed below.

We communicate information to our members through our yearly newsletter, in the 507 Express at our public meetings and on this website page.

The mandate of the CCRAI is:

  • To promote and encourage Ratepayers to participate in Community matters.
  • To discuss, find solutions and make recommendations on any matter that affects the quality of living of Ratepayers and ensure the result will be beneficial to the Community.
  • To co-operate and work closely with other associations in the Municipality of Trent Lakes to protect the environment and the environmental quality of our land and lakes, and on any other issues that may affect the Municipality.
  • To promote and encourage tourism and commercial ventures in our Community in an acceptable and controlled manner.
  • To provide a channel for communications with the Municipality of Trent Lakes and all other levels of government, organizations and agencies.

The majority of our members are land owners in the former Cavendish and Harvey Townships served by County Road 507 and we welcome any land owners in the Municipality of Trent Lakes.

The CCRAI needs your support in order to continue to perform the work we do for our members and our community. Please support our association by downloading the CCRAI Membership Application form, filling it out and sending it in along with your membership fee. Your membership in the CCRAI will be a great investment today and will provide returns for you and your family for generations to come.

Gary Jarosz CCRAI President, Telephone: 416-543-8839
Email Address:


Love Your Lake Wrap Up and Thank You



WATER LEVEL link from Parks  Canada

Mississagua Dam
Updates on Parks Canada website

CCRAI 2018 Spring Newsletter

Unfortunately due to increased printing and postage costs the CCRAI Spring Newsletter will only be mailed to members in good standing


2018 Information and Events: Be there ! Be heard ! Be informed !
Meetings held at Cavendish Community Centre – County Road 507

* Public Meeting Saturday June 23, 10 am -12 noon 

Love Your Lake Program Summary and Update

Trent Lakes Municipal Update

Mississagua Dam Historical Presentation
Bob Taylor-Vaisey – Vice President, CCRAI – PDF#1 document, PDF#2 document

Mississagua Dam Replacement Project Update
Darryl Whitehead – External Relations Manager
Ontario Waterways Unit – Parks Canada

Lake Water Level Updates and Water Management
Ted Spence, Chair – Coalition for Equitable Waterflow, Lake Steward

* Public Meeting Saturday July 14, 10 am -12 noon – Cottage Succession & Estate Planning

Cottage Succession – Targeting Tax: Cottages and Capital Gains
Learn how to “Keep the ‘Family’ in the Family Cottage”
Saturday, July 14th 2018   10:00 am – noon
Cavendish Community Centre
Feature Speaker: Mr. Peter Lillico, estate Planning Lawyer
Event Co-Hosts – FOCA & CCRAI

This event is FREE to members of FOCA, or $10 at the door for non-members.
Please pre-register with FOCA to secure your space:  705-749-3622
Information Flyer

* AGM & Public Meeting Saturday August 18, 10am – 12noon 

Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc.(CCRAI)
Annual General Meeting
Yearly Report, Financials, Elect Board Directors

Love Your Lake – Lake Reports and Results

Ted Spence, Chair – Coalition for Equitable Waterflow, Lake Steward

Peterborough County Waste Management Update
Tara Stephens – Manager Waste Management
Peterborough County