April Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations

4 Harold Dalton 22 Terry Lambshead
5 Ric Mackey, Austin Pearce 26 Dorris MacLellan
6 Nick Cadigan, Jenna Cadigan 26 Keith Leckie
6 Nicholas Callan
7 Sarah Lakatos 30 Rick Asling
11 Dalton Smith
14 Barbara Hawkins, Jade Marie Peeters
19 Louise Jackson
19 Cynthia Longo ANNIVERSARIES
15 Julia & Aidan Sawyers
20 Terry Higgins 24 Mary & Lance Coulthard
22 Katie Herdman

If you  would like to have someone included in our monthly ‘best wishes’ , please contact Kathy Warren…657-8912 or fax 705-657-1192 or email kathy507@yahoo.ca


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