January Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations

1 Maighen Hay 18 Kristy Marie Asling, Eric Nancekievill
4 Blake Tyler Lambshead 19 Tiffany Laura Warren
6 Emma Aspinall, Avalon Hollis 19 Dawson Hay
7 Judy Lloyd, Sheyenne Leona Asling 20 Tristan Forgie, Michelle Connell
7  Leslie Hunt, 8 Kevin Aspinall 20 Mary Robinson
11 Declan Forgie 21 Bev Clarke
12 Rick Mortenson 23 B.J.Robinson, 24 Zevon O’Heron
12 Allen Bryan Lake 25 Tegan Steinwand,26 Spencer Carl Goddard
12 Logan Wesley Lake 27 Charlotte Connell
13 Melissa Mullen, 15 Ethan Harran 31 Taylor Richard Mortensen
17 James Tyler Warren ANNIVERSARIES
17 Michael Pageot

If you  would like to have someone included in our monthly ‘best wishes’ , please contact Kathy Warren…657-8912 or fax 705-657-1192 or email kathy507@yahoo.ca


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